Handler Profiles

Our K9 Teams

Officer Juan “JC” Rodriguez & Rover

Officer Juan “JC” Rodriguez is partnered with “Rover”. JC and Rover joined the team in September 2014. Rover was born on August 4, 2012 in Germany as “Enjo vom Cap Arkona” and was purchased with a donation from Land Rover Jaguar Ventura. The name “Rover” was added on their behalf and you can view the press release regarding the event here: Rover press release. Rover was trained in Germany in basic obedience, tracking, and apprehension and arrived in the USA in October 2014. JC and Rover became partners shortly thereafter.

JC has been a sworn police officer since 1995 and has had the opportunity to work Motors, Detectives, Gang task force, narcotics on a DEA task force, and SWAT. He began working at VPD in Aug 2011 in patrol and got selected for a VPD K9 position in Sept. 2014. JC and Rover have been through Narcotics & Urban Tracking school at Inglis Police Dog Academy.

Officer Keith Therrien and Yoschi

Officer Keith Therrien is partnered with Yoschi Vom Haus Vortkamp aka Yoschi. Officer Therrien and Yoschi were partnered together in May of 2016 where they attended the Inglis Police Dog Academy. Yoschi was trained in basic obedience, tracking, and apprehension. Yoschi was purchased through donations made by Ventura Baptist Church.

Keith & Yoschi have graduated from Narcotics School and Urban Tracking School.

Officer Therrien is a veteran of the U.S Army where he deployed in support of Operation Iraqi freedom and Operation Enduring freedom.

Officer Trevor Hrynyk and "Jag"

In March of 2016 officer Hrynyk was selected as VPD's next K-9 handler he was paired up with “Jag" formerly known as Bronko von Schiffilache. Officer Hrynyk and “Jag" has completed a rigorous 5-week patrol school at the Inglis Police Dog Academy and graduated from the Narcotics School and Urban Tracking School and continues patrolling the streets of Ventura.

Jag was brought directly from Germany to Ventura at 18 months old. Jag was purchased through a generous donation from Land Rover Jaguar Ventura.

Officer Hrynyk and Jag along with the entire K9 Unit dedicate an entire day per week for dog training. Training includes obedience, apprehension, searching and location of narcotics. A K9 team spends approximately 30% of their time training.

Officer Joe Metz and Yankee (Retired)

In April of 2014 Officer Joseph Metz and Yankee Vom Haus Vortkamp, aka Yankee, became partners and started their training together.  In 2014 they were sent to a rigorous 5 week police dog patrol school through the Inglis Police Dog Academy. Yankee retired April 2017.

K9 Yankee was born in Germany on November 18, 2012.  He was purchased with help from the National Police Dog Foundation flown to Ventura where he was partnered with Officer Metz.

In August of 2014 Officer Metz and K9 Yankee went back to the Inglis Police Dog Academy and attended Narcotic detection school. Officer Metz and K9 Yankee returned to the Inglis Police Dog Academy in October of 2015, attending Urban Tracking school. Yankee has been trained in apprehension, narcotics detection and urban tracking through the Inglis Police Dog Academy. Yankee retired April 2017.


Should you have any additional questions regarding our K9 Team or the Police Dog Foundation please contact the individuals shown below.